NFL football season 2009 – Watch out for Tom Brady & the New England Patriots

NFL sports teams are ready for this coming NFL football season, and if you want to bet NFL football, it’s time to take a look at what is coming.


Let’s talk about the Patriots: they  will have to deal with the fact that now other teams are aware of how to beat them by holding Tom Brady still. And I honestly don’t see them winning each game this coming NFL football season. I think they missed their chance of having a place in NFL sports history by losing the most important NFL football game: the Super Bowl.


The Patriots are the kind of team they are because of Tom Brady, he’s the guy that is trusted to guide the rest on every single NFL football game and when he fails to do so, consequences are not positive at all. The most clear example of this is the last Superbowl, as Brady got injured with a high ankle sprain just days before the big game, and any person who saw the game could notice that Brady just wasn’t the same person: He didn’t deliver as expected and sadly, they lost the game that would have gave New England a perfect NFL football season record.


But Tom Brady is back in shape and chances are that the Pats are going to be tough contenders since the 2-people team made up by the All-Star quarterback and Randy Moss is ready to prove that they can do as good as last football season.

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