How to bet on sports videos: sportsbetting lessons remotely?

Lately in youtube, I have found several of videos created to apparently teach you how to bet on sports. It is actually some sort of trend that started a couple of years ago, but lately more and more sportsbetting videos have been showing up from out of nowhere.

Following this type of advice on sportsbetting from a random person with a camera is definitely not a good idea, which is why we believe you should only followed advices on how to bet on sports from renowned professionals only. Whenever you run into one of these videos, just make a quick a google check on the user or the person that is giving the advice to see where he comes from unless he or she are already famous in the sportsbetting business. I am not saying that users that upload videos like “website that let’s you bet on sports and make lots money” are scams, but think about it: no real advertisement with a website name? Why would a sportsbook let you play promising you will win? Those are strategies and bad ones if I may add.

Other videos are plain promotional: promising you can learn how to handicap a game or show you “tested” sportsbetting strategies if they had that much money from winning they wouldn’t need to sell an strategy wouldn’t you say?

Now, there are guys that are simply proud of their sports betting strategies and just want to share their knowledge to the world, in that case it is pride and we can’t blame someone for being proud of their work. What we mean with this is that it is ok to learn from these “how to bet on sports” videos but try not to trust random people, some of the best sports bettors are usually supported by big sportsbooks or people just know them so follow those and you should be ok.


Another Victory for the Online Gaming Business

This time the “battle” took place In the city of Liege (Belgium), were the French Tennis Federation was trying to sue not one but 3 well known online wagering sites; claiming that the different online sites promoted the encouragement of fraudulent betting activity patterns among their operations.

The case was certainly short lived, as a judge ruled that the online bookmakers in question (Bwin, Ladbrokes and Betfair) had not incurred into any illegal and or fraudulent action by accepting wagers on tennis sporting events. As a matter of fact, the honorable judge even said that licensed online betting sites in the European Union already abide by stringent regulatory protocols that ensure the integrity of sports betting, most notably in the areas of protection of minors and fraud.

As you may have guessed by now, the French Tennis Federation was not able to get their way, and of top of that they were ordered to pay 5,000 Euro per case to recover legal fees. The victory however was not enough for Bwin, who now also has a defamation suit against the French Tennis Federation, who by their own claims in the original suite attempted to make Bwin’s online casino and sportsbook look like a haven for internet criminals.

The European Gaming and Betting Association praised the ruling, stating that it confirmed their original opinion regarding the bookmaking companies, who according to them had done absolutely nothing wrong.

 The ruling is a huge victory for the online gambling industry as a whole (Especially in Europe.) The case will hopefully serve as warning to other land-based institutions set on persecuting legally regulated online casinos and sportsbooks as a means of protecting their betting empires.

As the year continues to advance, more histories like this one are bound to meet a similar ending; for the online gaming world is taking the measures to give a much more safe and professional service to its many customers. And the PPH alternatives continue to rise as the best option in the business panorama as the new successors of Sportsbooks