Vegas, local bookies and online sportsbooks

Vegas, local bookies and online sportsbooks

Let’s put it this way: if you want to bet NFL football from home, you are limited to two choices; you can either find a local bookie and do business with him over the phone, or go for online sports betting.

I think both choices are good, but I find online NFL betting a better option as you will surely get better deals since competition is considerable among online sportsbooks and to get your NFL football betting action, they will do as much as they can to make you forget about the others.

They will try to hold you with bonuses; they will offer you lower juice on each of your winning NFL bets if you get to place your bets on a determined day; they will send you free promotional stuff like shirts, pagers, calendars, etc.

But the most important thing is that they will offer you superior NFL odds, even better than the Vegas ones, so if you are an experienced bettor you know the difference ½ point can make on a given NFL football line and in order to compete, they will push the spread to your favor the more they can, so you can at least have a good chance to win.

Another thing is that these online sportsbooks are publicly traded, which means that have a good capital to backup their NFL football betting operation.

The choice is yours!

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NFL football and Arena football


 Most people will say -and I agree with them- that NFL football is 10 times tougher than Arena football, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the latest is not a sport to consider.


When we are in NFL off season, some fans would rather go to a tropical country for vacations or they will head to the golf course to improve their technique, but there is a larger group of those NFL football fans that will rather go and watch a good Arena football game.


I guess the point of Arena football players is to be watched for as much people as possible in order to wait for an NFL football contract, such as the case of Kurt Warner, who went from leading the Iowa Barnstormers to two Arena bowls, to then being hired as the starting quarterback for the St. Louis Rams, who he led to a victory in Super Bowl XXXIV and being named the Super Bowl MVP.


Arena football is faster than regular NFL football, and when you see a guy that rushed all through the playing field, you might as well watch that same player rushing into the defensive area of any NFL football team and score an NFL touchdown easily.


But there is one sure thing, in order for Arena football players to get good NFL football contracts, the Arena football commissioners would need to do something to improve the league’s sponsorship in order to bring more attention to the game.

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A good relationship with your bookie




I am the kind of guy that waits until the last moment to place an NFL football bet as it is exactly a few minutes before the line goes off the board that you get the best football betting odds.


By the end of the past NFL football season I was about to place a bet on the Packers and the guy that was taking my NFL wager over the phone couldn’t hear what I was telling him since there was a lot of static and I was kind of upset at my sportsbook for allowing that to happen. When I called back a few minutes later to get a run down on the bets I had placed, I realized that the guy had put my money on the other side.  I stopped for a moment to analyze the play with determination and found out that he actually did me a favor by making a mistake.


With the NFL football point spread turned, I hung up without telling the guy about his error and waited for the outcome of the game, and as expected, I won.


But that is just half of the story, as what I did not know was that someone caught the guy taking a wager wrongly, and so they turned the wager as I originally request, which meant at loss for me.


So when I called to check on my balance after they had finished grading all my bets, I realized that I was missing the money for the win, and so I had a long talk with one of the supervisors of the sportsbook… Since I am a long time customer, they proceeded to handle me the winnings of such NFL football bet.


What can I say? betting frequently with the same bookie can have excellent consequences as trust is built upon the client and the bookmakers.

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Favre and Taylor, team legacies are over


Wow! This coming NFL football season will have two important changes in what team legacy concerns, as Brett Favre might join a different franchise, and Jason Taylor is now with the Redskins.


Favre spent his entire career with the Packers, and nobody expected him to go and play anywhere else; in fact everyone considered this a good time for him to say goodbye to NFL, but the soap opera he’s been having with Green Bay every end of season is coming to an edge.


On the other hand, Jason Taylor spent all of his career with the Dolphins, but even though Miami had some good picks at the past NFL football draft, Taylor probably felt that the team is still in the development stage, and he wants to earn a championship ring soon, that is why he decided to part ways with the Dolphins and come to play for Washington, a team that is truly a contender this year now that they have Taylor in their roster.


So with things like that, there will be a power struggle at the NFC East between the Cowboys and the Redskins, but I personally prefer Washington this time…

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Favre, Green Bay Packers and REALLY too much drama…




Favre, the Green Bay Packers and REALLY too much drama…


I was talking to a few friends this past week about the soap opera in NFL football about Brett Favre and the Packers, whom are still discussing the posibility of Favre returning as starting quarterback for Green Bay.


We even got some lines on what the outcome of the whole story will be: one saying that Favre will return to NFL football and play starter quarterback for the Pack, another one saying that Favre will return and serve as back up quarterback for Aaron Rodgers, and the last one with Favre coming back to NFL sports and playing starter quarterback for another team (most likely the Vikings).


Of all of these options, the one that approaches the most to reality is Favre returning and playing somewhere else… why? Well, because he’s old. He will turn 38 in October, and the gap of age between him and his teammates is of notice, as most of the starting line-up for the Pack is full of guys on their early 20’s. Even Aaron Rodgers is just 24 years-old, and being a first-round pick, he’s ready to take on Favre’s position, plus Rodgers will probably perform at the same level and for a few million dollars less… not bad.


We bet NFL football and made some cash with these futures, so we encourage Favre and the Packers to continue with their theater play, thank you for helping us making some quick cash!


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Thank you dad for my love for NFL sports

Thank you dad for my love for NFL sports


My whole life has been revolved around NFL football, as my dad was a big fan of the sport, and transferred that passion to me when I was very young.


I used to watch every single game I could and my dad sometimes took us -me and my brother- to the Stadium, those were the days…


Well, I got so passionate for NFL sports, that I became a professional NFL football bookmaker, and even my dad is a regular client, a lucky one by the way…


NFL football betting is quite fun, there is alot of adrenaline involved, I enjoy grading lines and the second-by-second action, knowing that apart from the amusement, I am making good money to keep on living the dream.


Since I am a native of Chicago, the Bears have been my life-time team of choice. I even have some interesting collector’s articles, and when there is alot of money involved in a Bears game, I am always hoping for my team to beat the NFL football point spread.


I believe that I am so good at NFL betting because apart from the business, I am a true american football fan… Have you seen those guys with their team’s logo painted on their faces? You can count me on that group.


This post is dedicated to my old man, who taught me all I know about NFL football, which has allowed me to become the best NFL sports betting bookie that I can be…

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