NFL Drug Problems

Baseball and Football are currently sharing the honors of being the two professional sports with more drug-related problems in America.


The MLB just had its dose of the “Mitchell Report”, and now is the turn for the San Diego Union tribune to come up with a similar report, but this time showing the names of NFL football players that have had drug issues on the past.


The list includes names 185 names dating to 1962 and 85 since 1993. And among those names are listed 52 former pro-bowlers and four hall of famers.


The sports players report relies on media reports, public records, interviews and different archives, and it involves only drugs that are now classified as “performance-enhancing or steroids and related substances” not alcohol, marijuana or cocaine.


One of the most sounded cases is the one from OT Korey Stringer, whom died of a heatstroke in 2001 while practicing at Vikings training camp. His death is related to a drug called ephedra.


The World Anti-Doping Agency or WADA is struggling with the NFL so they add more names to their list of only 10 banned stimulants, while at the WADA’s list there are 50 listed.


Until now, the war against drugs at the NFL is a passive one, as a proof, we have the cases of Shawne Merriman of the Chargers and Rodney Harrison of the Patriots, who were suspended for steroids but were allowed to be voted for the Pro-Bowl.


Gary Wadler, who serves as Chair of the organization’s prohibited list and methods committee, said that the NFL is probably scared that if a deeper investigation takes place, Football superstars might suffer suspensions ranging from 2 to 4 years.


If there is a moment to take this drug-issue at the NFL seriously is now. A time when finally a group of reporters decided to follow the steps of US Senator George E. Mitchell and brought to light a problem that can be correct with proper testing… not by the NFL but by the WADA.

NFL football and Arena football


 Most people will say -and I agree with them- that NFL football is 10 times tougher than Arena football, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the latest is not a sport to consider.


When we are in NFL off season, some fans would rather go to a tropical country for vacations or they will head to the golf course to improve their technique, but there is a larger group of those NFL football fans that will rather go and watch a good Arena football game.


I guess the point of Arena football players is to be watched for as much people as possible in order to wait for an NFL football contract, such as the case of Kurt Warner, who went from leading the Iowa Barnstormers to two Arena bowls, to then being hired as the starting quarterback for the St. Louis Rams, who he led to a victory in Super Bowl XXXIV and being named the Super Bowl MVP.


Arena football is faster than regular NFL football, and when you see a guy that rushed all through the playing field, you might as well watch that same player rushing into the defensive area of any NFL football team and score an NFL touchdown easily.


But there is one sure thing, in order for Arena football players to get good NFL football contracts, the Arena football commissioners would need to do something to improve the league’s sponsorship in order to bring more attention to the game.

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NFL football history has a spot for the Mannings

The Mannings are the most famous and celebrated family in NFL football history, first Archie Manning, the father, who had a glorious 15-year NFL sports career at the NFL football league, then middle son Peyton Manning, who led the Colts to a victory on Super Bowl XLI, and the youngest one, Eli Manning, who led the Giants to their Super Bowl victory against the Patriots for New England’s only loss of the past NFL season. The only member of the Manning clan that is not currently playing professional football is Cooper, whose NFL football aspirations ended when he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis.


Archie Manning was real talented when he was an active quarterback a while ago, but sadly he got stuck on bad teams, and as a result, he finished his career without a championship ring.


From the 3 Mannings that play/ played football, the most gifted one has to be Peyton, who is currently regarded as the best quarterback in the NFL, even above Tom Brady, but Eli doesn’t stay behind: he, just like his brother, has a championship ring, that cleared most of the doubts from critics that were constantly on his back criticizing his way of playing. No need to say that he was under his brother’s shadow before winning the most important NFL football game, the Super Bowl.


And so this coming NFL pro football season, there will surely be a competition between the Peyton and Eli, a run to decide who is in better shape, and who deserves the glory more than the other…

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