What’s there after the NFL?

The NFL is exciting and living under the spotlight of the pro football games provides certain status and life style to the players not easily compared to a regular way of living: hard trainings, traveling from state to state for the NFL games, money and luxury that are hardly enjoyed because of the hard work. NFL players are willing to live this life to achieve their goals, break records and be part of the NFL history. Is it really worth it? According to some experts, just the fact that most of these men will be thrust into the so-called real world with few marketable skills to increase their wealth some sort of cultural shock is bound to take place in some cases.

The NFL is part of the American traditions, part of our homes, families and memories, yet the main characters of all those memories will vanish from our minds as soon as they leave the NFL career that gave them so much. Apparently, 78% of all NFL players are divorced, bankrupt or unemployed two years after leaving the National Football League.

As a former NFL player and 12-year veteran with the Green Bay Packers himself Ken Ruettgers found a way to help athletes overcome this transition as the executive director of www.gamesover.org. Games Over is a Non-profit organization that helps professional athletes address the transition from professional sports to other careers. Ruttgers explains that the most common losses after retiring any professional sports career (not only the NFL) will include:

  • Loss of celebrity status.

  • Instant name recognition vanishes.

  • Income is slashed.

  • Such perks as free meals and support staff end.

  • Self-doubt, fear and a lack of direction.

As corny as it may sound, this transition is not easy. As an NFL player you are waited on, served, assisted and usually it is very hard to be alone or even have a chance to feel alone, after a professional career in sports ends, all the attention ends with it. People are not aware that 50% of NFL players only have careers of a little more than three years, meaning that an average of about 320 veteran players lose their job each year. What are the odds? NFL stars, record breakers and idols can be really retiree material at the age of 35 years old?


What you get by signing up with a Price Per Head service

A Price Per Head shop has to be aware of the different needs that each bookmaking agent is looking to fulfill. Price Per Head’s biggest challenge is to become an ally to every user in the growing process of their businesses.

The basic concept of a Pay Per Head shop can be sumarized in the use of call center solutions to increase the profits of a bookmaking agent by taking advantage of a determined Per Head system based on carefully analized gambling management procedures. The best online headcount operations offer a wide variety of reports that can be accessed 24/7 in order to look at any of your clients’ current numbers and betting movements. Smooth!

A Pay Per Head Sportsbook is presented now as the solution for the offshore bookmaking agent who is looking for more quality time. And that is exactly what happens to those who sign up with a Price Per Head Shop: a number of extra hours for running personal errands and enjoying life… hours that would’ve been used on taking care of the customers. Now that responsibility has been moved to the group of experienced betting agents, carefully chosen in order to assist agents on every single aspect of their sports betting operation.

Auto sportsbooks are surely a safe way to bet and win in a growing market that is constantly asking for top-notch service. If you sign up an account with a Price Per Head Shop, you will be certainly taking a wise decision, if you choose a company of true professionals. More than just a Sportsbook office outsourcing service, a Pay Per Head sportsbook is an institution, a respected name inside the sports betting industry.

Apart from standout customer attention and good bookie software, you have to searh and find the lowest and most convenient Pay Per Head fee out there, without forgetting the quality of the service you’re going to receive for that amount. Always look for the right balance!

Another Victory for the Online Gaming Business

This time the “battle” took place In the city of Liege (Belgium), were the French Tennis Federation was trying to sue not one but 3 well known online wagering sites; claiming that the different online sites promoted the encouragement of fraudulent betting activity patterns among their operations.

The case was certainly short lived, as a judge ruled that the online bookmakers in question (Bwin, Ladbrokes and Betfair) had not incurred into any illegal and or fraudulent action by accepting wagers on tennis sporting events. As a matter of fact, the honorable judge even said that licensed online betting sites in the European Union already abide by stringent regulatory protocols that ensure the integrity of sports betting, most notably in the areas of protection of minors and fraud.

As you may have guessed by now, the French Tennis Federation was not able to get their way, and of top of that they were ordered to pay 5,000 Euro per case to recover legal fees. The victory however was not enough for Bwin, who now also has a defamation suit against the French Tennis Federation, who by their own claims in the original suite attempted to make Bwin’s online casino and sportsbook look like a haven for internet criminals.

The European Gaming and Betting Association praised the ruling, stating that it confirmed their original opinion regarding the bookmaking companies, who according to them had done absolutely nothing wrong.

 The ruling is a huge victory for the online gambling industry as a whole (Especially in Europe.) The case will hopefully serve as warning to other land-based institutions set on persecuting legally regulated online casinos and sportsbooks as a means of protecting their betting empires.

As the year continues to advance, more histories like this one are bound to meet a similar ending; for the online gaming world is taking the measures to give a much more safe and professional service to its many customers. And the PPH alternatives continue to rise as the best option in the business panorama as the new successors of Sportsbooks

Monday Night Football Betting



Monday Night football kicks off today after much anticipation from its’ fans. NFL sports betting aficionados will start the week with a great game to look forward to: The main course will consist of Green Bay Packers against the Vikings and for desert we’ll have Raiders vs. Broncos. What will it be like for the Packers during this first Monday Night Football game without Favre? We’re all about to find out tonight. The Packers are scheduled for 3 games on the Monday Night Football spot for this 2008-2009 NFL football season.

Although in my personal opinion Monday Night Football will never be the same without John Madden and Al Michaels, I still can’t wait for this years Monday Night football opening game in  prime-time network television.. Tonight Oakland should be ready to step it up for their eternal rivals: the Denver Broncos. The Green Bay Packers on the other hand count fully on quarterback Aaron Rodgers –their substitute for good ole’ Favre– but I’m not sold on Rodgers just yet. Ok I’ll admit he did alright on the preseason but c’mon this guy has only done 1 touchdown in his entire NFL professional career. All I know is he has got some big shoes to fill and the pressure is on among both NFC North teams. The defense will be in charge of making sure the Packers survive this one victoriously however, we have to think of other factors like the weather –chances of rain tonight-  the Minnesota Vikings running game and even the tampering charges against them may play a role in tonight’s’ opening match up.

Now I did say there were two games this Monday Night Football correct? Well here’s what I think of the 2nd game for the night: Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos:

This has always been one of the most interesting rivalries in the NFL. Both AFC West teams have their strengths well defined: The Raiders will rely heavily on their defense and we’ll get to see the debut of rookie Darren McFadden. The Denver Broncos will need to show a revitalized, more solid offense to put on a decent fight. Overall both teams have a history of playing each other tough. This game (I’m crossing fingers) won’t be any different.

For those looking for free Monday Night Football picks I’m going to say that for the first Monday Night Football game this season the Packers won’t be celebrating much as the Vikings are going to leave the field as winners. On the Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos I’m going to go with the Broncos.

What are your picks on both games? 


Top 10 reasons why you should get a PPH service

Top 10 reasons why you should get a PPH service

Getting started on the sportsbook business may be a bit overwhelming, yet it is definitely not hard. For ages bookies have managed their business either underground (which is definitely not recommend) as well as legally. Sportsbetting is a business and it has clientele everywhere in the world. Several countries have made amends with this industry by setting laws and restrictions and making Sports Gambling as reliable as playing poker in a casino.


With the inclusion of Price Per Head Solutions, having your own business is so easy that anyone can do it, from anywhere in the world. The software promoted manages every single task and bookies only need time to check on the reports and collect money. Here are the top ten reasons why having a PPH service is the best way to own your sportsbook:


1.    With pay per head services you don’t need to own a lot of money to get started. Your package of clients can start off with only 2 or 3 players and you can make it grow as you ear more and more cash.

2.    Sportsbetting needs to include a variety of bets for the players and gamblers, PPH services will offer just that, including line moving and betting choices.

3.    Price per head services are a lot cheaper than managing a package of clients from sportsbook to sportsbook. Also you are in complete control of your players’ moves, allowing you to request line moves accordingly and prevent wise guys from scamming you.

4.    The software used by PPH services was developed to allow bookies handle their own business, giving them the opportunity to have more free time to get more players for their packages and avoid the awful office tasks that come with owning a sportsbook.

5.    There are several choices on pay per head fees, each of them includes different services and reports, and you can choose the one that works best for you.

6.    The reports provided on your pay per head services are so detailed; even a little kid can understand them. You will not be fooled.

7.    With price per head software you can expand the choices your offer: some packages include casino games and poker as well as sportsbetting.

8.    Your reports can be checked online of via phone, giving you the chance to manage your sportsbook from anywhere in the world.

9.    Your players will be able to bet online as well as have an offshore call center available anytime.

10.    Price per head services are 100% legal, so you can just sit and relax, while your business and income grows.

Need any other excuse? You can be the bookie you always wanted to be.

A regular day of a quarterback in training camp

If you think that the life of an NFL football player is easy, you’d better think twice…


Let’s see how a regular day is for an NFL quarterback, this time we’ll choose Peyton Manning.


Manning is at Colts training camp, and he has to be up at around 6:30 in the morning, no matter what the starting schedule for practice is. He makes sure he wakes up his roommate and both go right to the Football field.


Practice starts around 8 am, and Manning finishes with about 90 NFL throws. Then it’s time to visit the cafeteria for lunch, a little nap at the dorm and then an afternoon meeting before nightly practice.


A walk-thru, some warm-ups, then around 70 NFL throws and it’s time for Peyton Manning to visit the Colts training staff for regular treatment.


Now Manning is heading for dinner before going to a session of meetings: first the whole team, then just the quarterbacks and by 10 pm his day at training camp is over, so it’s time to go chill out before hitting the bed at 11 pm.


The question is… Is this what Brett Favre is looking for being a 38 year-old almost-retired player? “Well, I don’t think so” Manning said, “but that’s the cost of doing what you love the most and having fun on the field” he ends.

Vegas, local bookies and online sportsbooks

Vegas, local bookies and online sportsbooks

Let’s put it this way: if you want to bet NFL football from home, you are limited to two choices; you can either find a local bookie and do business with him over the phone, or go for online sports betting.

I think both choices are good, but I find online NFL betting a better option as you will surely get better deals since competition is considerable among online sportsbooks and to get your NFL football betting action, they will do as much as they can to make you forget about the others.

They will try to hold you with bonuses; they will offer you lower juice on each of your winning NFL bets if you get to place your bets on a determined day; they will send you free promotional stuff like shirts, pagers, calendars, etc.

But the most important thing is that they will offer you superior NFL odds, even better than the Vegas ones, so if you are an experienced bettor you know the difference ½ point can make on a given NFL football line and in order to compete, they will push the spread to your favor the more they can, so you can at least have a good chance to win.

Another thing is that these online sportsbooks are publicly traded, which means that have a good capital to backup their NFL football betting operation.

The choice is yours!

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