Most valuable players of the last decade in the NBA, who are the most impressive basketball players

Every NBA season we have many amazing players that blow our mind with plays out of this world during the NBA games. Who doesn’t remember seeing Michael Jordan basically fly towards the net years ago? On this article we bring you the most incredible NBA players of these past 8 years. The Most Valuable Player of the NBA is an award that has been given to impressive players of each NBA season since 1956. The way they choose the NBA MVP is using the opinion of a selected group of sports journalists from the United States and Canada, although this hasn’t always been the way to choose the most valuable player.

Here is the compiled list of the NBA MVP’s of the 2000 decade so far:

  • 1999–00 Shaquille O’Neal for the Los Angeles Lakers
  • 2000–01 Allen Iverson for the Philadelphia 76ers
  • 2001–02 Tim Duncan for the San Antonio Spurs
  • 2002–03 Again we see Tim Duncan for the San Antonio Spurs
  • 2003–04 Kevin Garnett for the Minnesota Timberwolves
  • 2004–05 Steve Nash for the Phoenix Suns
  • 2005–06 Again Steve Nash for the Phoenix Suns
  • 2006–07 Dirk Nowitzkifor the Dallas Mavericks
  • 2007–08 Kobe Bryant playing for Los Angeles Lakers

We still need to see what surprises are in store during the 2008-09 and 2009-10 NBA season; my gut tells me we are going to be shocked by some of the newest NBA players and although in this least we can see that the Phoenix Suns, the Lakers and the Spurs have taken more than one NBA Most Valuable player title, some of the teams are coming stronger for sure this NBA season. We are need to keep our eyes wide open, one of the most loved professional US sports keep bringing international idols every year.

Most valuable players of the last decade in the MLB. Greatest players in Major League Baseball.

Just like in every other sport, the major league baseball also has its own MVP award of course. The most valuable player award is an annual award given to one outstanding player in each league of Major League Baseball since 1931, the award was named MVP on that year although before 1931 different recognitions were given to outstanding baseball players: from 1911 through 1914 Chalmers Automobile Company gave a free Chalmers automobile to the player with the highest batting average in the MLB. After this, during the period 1922 through 1929 the American League Trophy Committee was formed and their main goal was to “honor the baseball player who is of greatest all-round service to his club and credit to the sport during each season…”.

Finally in the year 1930, the Baseball Writers Association of America took a poll in October 1929 to choose an unofficial Most Valuable Player in the MLB and this one is considered to be the beginning of the modern MVP award for Baseball. During the past 7 years, these are the most impressive and recognizable players of the MLB:


National League

American League


Jeff Kent, San Francisco Giants

Jason Giambi, Oakland Athletics


Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants

Ichiro Suzuki, Seattle Mariners


Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants

Miguel Tejada, Oakland Athletics


Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants

Alex Rodriguez, Texas Rangers


Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants

Vladimir Guerrero, Anaheim Angels


Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals

Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees


Ryan Howard, Philadelphia Phillies

Justin Morneau, Minnesota Twins


Jimmy Rollins, Philadelphia Phillies

Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees

As you can see Giants’ Barry Bonds is basically a regular winning this award and although the decade is not over yet, a lot of changes might come along to surprise us, specially fot the National League awards, where San Francisco seems to own relentlessly.

How to bet on sports videos: sportsbetting lessons remotely?

Lately in youtube, I have found several of videos created to apparently teach you how to bet on sports. It is actually some sort of trend that started a couple of years ago, but lately more and more sportsbetting videos have been showing up from out of nowhere.

Following this type of advice on sportsbetting from a random person with a camera is definitely not a good idea, which is why we believe you should only followed advices on how to bet on sports from renowned professionals only. Whenever you run into one of these videos, just make a quick a google check on the user or the person that is giving the advice to see where he comes from unless he or she are already famous in the sportsbetting business. I am not saying that users that upload videos like “website that let’s you bet on sports and make lots money” are scams, but think about it: no real advertisement with a website name? Why would a sportsbook let you play promising you will win? Those are strategies and bad ones if I may add.

Other videos are plain promotional: promising you can learn how to handicap a game or show you “tested” sportsbetting strategies if they had that much money from winning they wouldn’t need to sell an strategy wouldn’t you say?

Now, there are guys that are simply proud of their sports betting strategies and just want to share their knowledge to the world, in that case it is pride and we can’t blame someone for being proud of their work. What we mean with this is that it is ok to learn from these “how to bet on sports” videos but try not to trust random people, some of the best sports bettors are usually supported by big sportsbooks or people just know them so follow those and you should be ok.

Basketball injuries: the shocking side of NBA

NBA has been one of the professional sports with most followers around the world for decades now. NBA fans can be found as far away as in Argentina and people who follow the professional basketball have proved to be very faithful fans.

The NBA has had amazing moment throughout the years, yet some of the most impressive one have been the saddest ones: NBA injuries.

Who can forget one of the most shocking injuries in the NBA? Shaun Livingstone, when playing against the Charlotte Bobcats, he injured his knee badly and almost looked like his knee wasn’t even part of his body anymore.

Another terrible injury happened to 2006 Sportsman of the Year by sports illustrated for the NBA Dwayne Wade when at a basketball game against during a game against the Houston Rockets on February 21, 2007, while attempting to steal the ball from Shane Battier, Wade dislocated his left shoulder which was incredibly bad seen on television.

Another terrible NBA injury took place at an off-season practice in 1993 at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts when NBA star Reggie Lewis suddenly suffered sudden cardiac death on the basketball court, his injury although it was not game related per se, is definitely the most shocking of all time.

Accidents and injuries in the NBA are extremely common, yet it is also very common to see players recover fast and continue playing with the NBA as if nothing happened. We certainly do not want to players suffering too much.

NFL Drug Problems

Baseball and Football are currently sharing the honors of being the two professional sports with more drug-related problems in America.


The MLB just had its dose of the “Mitchell Report”, and now is the turn for the San Diego Union tribune to come up with a similar report, but this time showing the names of NFL football players that have had drug issues on the past.


The list includes names 185 names dating to 1962 and 85 since 1993. And among those names are listed 52 former pro-bowlers and four hall of famers.


The sports players report relies on media reports, public records, interviews and different archives, and it involves only drugs that are now classified as “performance-enhancing or steroids and related substances” not alcohol, marijuana or cocaine.


One of the most sounded cases is the one from OT Korey Stringer, whom died of a heatstroke in 2001 while practicing at Vikings training camp. His death is related to a drug called ephedra.


The World Anti-Doping Agency or WADA is struggling with the NFL so they add more names to their list of only 10 banned stimulants, while at the WADA’s list there are 50 listed.


Until now, the war against drugs at the NFL is a passive one, as a proof, we have the cases of Shawne Merriman of the Chargers and Rodney Harrison of the Patriots, who were suspended for steroids but were allowed to be voted for the Pro-Bowl.


Gary Wadler, who serves as Chair of the organization’s prohibited list and methods committee, said that the NFL is probably scared that if a deeper investigation takes place, Football superstars might suffer suspensions ranging from 2 to 4 years.


If there is a moment to take this drug-issue at the NFL seriously is now. A time when finally a group of reporters decided to follow the steps of US Senator George E. Mitchell and brought to light a problem that can be correct with proper testing… not by the NFL but by the WADA.

Top 10 reasons why you should get a PPH service

Top 10 reasons why you should get a PPH service

Getting started on the sportsbook business may be a bit overwhelming, yet it is definitely not hard. For ages bookies have managed their business either underground (which is definitely not recommend) as well as legally. Sportsbetting is a business and it has clientele everywhere in the world. Several countries have made amends with this industry by setting laws and restrictions and making Sports Gambling as reliable as playing poker in a casino.


With the inclusion of Price Per Head Solutions, having your own business is so easy that anyone can do it, from anywhere in the world. The software promoted manages every single task and bookies only need time to check on the reports and collect money. Here are the top ten reasons why having a PPH service is the best way to own your sportsbook:


1.    With pay per head services you don’t need to own a lot of money to get started. Your package of clients can start off with only 2 or 3 players and you can make it grow as you ear more and more cash.

2.    Sportsbetting needs to include a variety of bets for the players and gamblers, PPH services will offer just that, including line moving and betting choices.

3.    Price per head services are a lot cheaper than managing a package of clients from sportsbook to sportsbook. Also you are in complete control of your players’ moves, allowing you to request line moves accordingly and prevent wise guys from scamming you.

4.    The software used by PPH services was developed to allow bookies handle their own business, giving them the opportunity to have more free time to get more players for their packages and avoid the awful office tasks that come with owning a sportsbook.

5.    There are several choices on pay per head fees, each of them includes different services and reports, and you can choose the one that works best for you.

6.    The reports provided on your pay per head services are so detailed; even a little kid can understand them. You will not be fooled.

7.    With price per head software you can expand the choices your offer: some packages include casino games and poker as well as sportsbetting.

8.    Your reports can be checked online of via phone, giving you the chance to manage your sportsbook from anywhere in the world.

9.    Your players will be able to bet online as well as have an offshore call center available anytime.

10.    Price per head services are 100% legal, so you can just sit and relax, while your business and income grows.

Need any other excuse? You can be the bookie you always wanted to be.

A regular day of a quarterback in training camp

If you think that the life of an NFL football player is easy, you’d better think twice…


Let’s see how a regular day is for an NFL quarterback, this time we’ll choose Peyton Manning.


Manning is at Colts training camp, and he has to be up at around 6:30 in the morning, no matter what the starting schedule for practice is. He makes sure he wakes up his roommate and both go right to the Football field.


Practice starts around 8 am, and Manning finishes with about 90 NFL throws. Then it’s time to visit the cafeteria for lunch, a little nap at the dorm and then an afternoon meeting before nightly practice.


A walk-thru, some warm-ups, then around 70 NFL throws and it’s time for Peyton Manning to visit the Colts training staff for regular treatment.


Now Manning is heading for dinner before going to a session of meetings: first the whole team, then just the quarterbacks and by 10 pm his day at training camp is over, so it’s time to go chill out before hitting the bed at 11 pm.


The question is… Is this what Brett Favre is looking for being a 38 year-old almost-retired player? “Well, I don’t think so” Manning said, “but that’s the cost of doing what you love the most and having fun on the field” he ends.