All you have to know about Price Per Head sportsbooks

Price Per Head shops are one of the biggest Sportsbook Service Providers in the bookmaking industry. With more than a decade offering their services, they promise professional and personalized call center service, delivered by a team of skilled clerks ready to take care of your call at any time.

The best Price Per Head shop sets apart from other headcount shops by offering state-of-the-art bookie software and the best online resources available in the market in order to satisfy the most demanding needs. They have to pay attention to each individual need with special mindfulness, and only expecting the clients’ satisfaction in return.

Price Per Head services can become your right hand in every detail of your business, allowing you to have more free time to spend in other activities while you leave the majority of your bookmaking chores in their hands. Apart from an excellent gambling management service, you can also enjoy of the best Pay Per Head fee in the industry. The misson of a Price Per Head shop is to remain at the top of the game with the best offshore sportsbook services and online turnkey solutions.

You will get familiarized with the Per Head System, which is designed to grant you full control over your customers’ activities, through a range of reports that are updated constantly and different features that only the best Price Per Head Shops are offering out there.

The Pay Per Head initiative started as a group of friends and local bookies looking to provide offshore bookmaking solutions, and since then, the market has become more difficult and with a lot of options and competitors to choose from. The safer sports betting operations were taken a step further with the outsourced Price Per Head Shops, and those are usually the most recommended for the privacy and security offered.

Outstanding Per Head sportsbooks have evolved to expand their services, with features like online casino solutions for those betting agents who wanted it.

If you choose the right Price Per Head software solution based on all the important aspects mentioned here, you will have a great experience with hiring a gambling management company.


What you get by signing up with a Price Per Head service

A Price Per Head shop has to be aware of the different needs that each bookmaking agent is looking to fulfill. Price Per Head’s biggest challenge is to become an ally to every user in the growing process of their businesses.

The basic concept of a Pay Per Head shop can be sumarized in the use of call center solutions to increase the profits of a bookmaking agent by taking advantage of a determined Per Head system based on carefully analized gambling management procedures. The best online headcount operations offer a wide variety of reports that can be accessed 24/7 in order to look at any of your clients’ current numbers and betting movements. Smooth!

A Pay Per Head Sportsbook is presented now as the solution for the offshore bookmaking agent who is looking for more quality time. And that is exactly what happens to those who sign up with a Price Per Head Shop: a number of extra hours for running personal errands and enjoying life… hours that would’ve been used on taking care of the customers. Now that responsibility has been moved to the group of experienced betting agents, carefully chosen in order to assist agents on every single aspect of their sports betting operation.

Auto sportsbooks are surely a safe way to bet and win in a growing market that is constantly asking for top-notch service. If you sign up an account with a Price Per Head Shop, you will be certainly taking a wise decision, if you choose a company of true professionals. More than just a Sportsbook office outsourcing service, a Pay Per Head sportsbook is an institution, a respected name inside the sports betting industry.

Apart from standout customer attention and good bookie software, you have to searh and find the lowest and most convenient Pay Per Head fee out there, without forgetting the quality of the service you’re going to receive for that amount. Always look for the right balance!

Another Victory for the Online Gaming Business

This time the “battle” took place In the city of Liege (Belgium), were the French Tennis Federation was trying to sue not one but 3 well known online wagering sites; claiming that the different online sites promoted the encouragement of fraudulent betting activity patterns among their operations.

The case was certainly short lived, as a judge ruled that the online bookmakers in question (Bwin, Ladbrokes and Betfair) had not incurred into any illegal and or fraudulent action by accepting wagers on tennis sporting events. As a matter of fact, the honorable judge even said that licensed online betting sites in the European Union already abide by stringent regulatory protocols that ensure the integrity of sports betting, most notably in the areas of protection of minors and fraud.

As you may have guessed by now, the French Tennis Federation was not able to get their way, and of top of that they were ordered to pay 5,000 Euro per case to recover legal fees. The victory however was not enough for Bwin, who now also has a defamation suit against the French Tennis Federation, who by their own claims in the original suite attempted to make Bwin’s online casino and sportsbook look like a haven for internet criminals.

The European Gaming and Betting Association praised the ruling, stating that it confirmed their original opinion regarding the bookmaking companies, who according to them had done absolutely nothing wrong.

 The ruling is a huge victory for the online gambling industry as a whole (Especially in Europe.) The case will hopefully serve as warning to other land-based institutions set on persecuting legally regulated online casinos and sportsbooks as a means of protecting their betting empires.

As the year continues to advance, more histories like this one are bound to meet a similar ending; for the online gaming world is taking the measures to give a much more safe and professional service to its many customers. And the PPH alternatives continue to rise as the best option in the business panorama as the new successors of Sportsbooks