Most valuable players of the last decade in the MLB. Greatest players in Major League Baseball.

Just like in every other sport, the major league baseball also has its own MVP award of course. The most valuable player award is an annual award given to one outstanding player in each league of Major League Baseball since 1931, the award was named MVP on that year although before 1931 different recognitions were given to outstanding baseball players: from 1911 through 1914 Chalmers Automobile Company gave a free Chalmers automobile to the player with the highest batting average in the MLB. After this, during the period 1922 through 1929 the American League Trophy Committee was formed and their main goal was to “honor the baseball player who is of greatest all-round service to his club and credit to the sport during each season…”.

Finally in the year 1930, the Baseball Writers Association of America took a poll in October 1929 to choose an unofficial Most Valuable Player in the MLB and this one is considered to be the beginning of the modern MVP award for Baseball. During the past 7 years, these are the most impressive and recognizable players of the MLB:


National League

American League


Jeff Kent, San Francisco Giants

Jason Giambi, Oakland Athletics


Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants

Ichiro Suzuki, Seattle Mariners


Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants

Miguel Tejada, Oakland Athletics


Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants

Alex Rodriguez, Texas Rangers


Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants

Vladimir Guerrero, Anaheim Angels


Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals

Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees


Ryan Howard, Philadelphia Phillies

Justin Morneau, Minnesota Twins


Jimmy Rollins, Philadelphia Phillies

Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees

As you can see Giants’ Barry Bonds is basically a regular winning this award and although the decade is not over yet, a lot of changes might come along to surprise us, specially fot the National League awards, where San Francisco seems to own relentlessly.

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