Basketball injuries: the shocking side of NBA

NBA has been one of the professional sports with most followers around the world for decades now. NBA fans can be found as far away as in Argentina and people who follow the professional basketball have proved to be very faithful fans.

The NBA has had amazing moment throughout the years, yet some of the most impressive one have been the saddest ones: NBA injuries.

Who can forget one of the most shocking injuries in the NBA? Shaun Livingstone, when playing against the Charlotte Bobcats, he injured his knee badly and almost looked like his knee wasn’t even part of his body anymore.

Another terrible injury happened to 2006 Sportsman of the Year by sports illustrated for the NBA Dwayne Wade when at a basketball game against during a game against the Houston Rockets on February 21, 2007, while attempting to steal the ball from Shane Battier, Wade dislocated his left shoulder which was incredibly bad seen on television.

Another terrible NBA injury took place at an off-season practice in 1993 at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts when NBA star Reggie Lewis suddenly suffered sudden cardiac death on the basketball court, his injury although it was not game related per se, is definitely the most shocking of all time.

Accidents and injuries in the NBA are extremely common, yet it is also very common to see players recover fast and continue playing with the NBA as if nothing happened. We certainly do not want to players suffering too much.

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