Vegas, local bookies and online sportsbooks

Vegas, local bookies and online sportsbooks

Let’s put it this way: if you want to bet NFL football from home, you are limited to two choices; you can either find a local bookie and do business with him over the phone, or go for online sports betting.

I think both choices are good, but I find online NFL betting a better option as you will surely get better deals since competition is considerable among online sportsbooks and to get your NFL football betting action, they will do as much as they can to make you forget about the others.

They will try to hold you with bonuses; they will offer you lower juice on each of your winning NFL bets if you get to place your bets on a determined day; they will send you free promotional stuff like shirts, pagers, calendars, etc.

But the most important thing is that they will offer you superior NFL odds, even better than the Vegas ones, so if you are an experienced bettor you know the difference ½ point can make on a given NFL football line and in order to compete, they will push the spread to your favor the more they can, so you can at least have a good chance to win.

Another thing is that these online sportsbooks are publicly traded, which means that have a good capital to backup their NFL football betting operation.

The choice is yours!

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  1. I’m baffled as to why anybody would NOT want to go with the convenience of online betting these days. Couple clicks and you’re on your way to riches, if you’ve got the right wagers in place…plus it beats hanging out with the crazy old men who chain-smoke outside of the racetracks 😉

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