Thank you dad for my love for NFL sports

Thank you dad for my love for NFL sports


My whole life has been revolved around NFL football, as my dad was a big fan of the sport, and transferred that passion to me when I was very young.


I used to watch every single game I could and my dad sometimes took us -me and my brother- to the Stadium, those were the days…


Well, I got so passionate for NFL sports, that I became a professional NFL football bookmaker, and even my dad is a regular client, a lucky one by the way…


NFL football betting is quite fun, there is alot of adrenaline involved, I enjoy grading lines and the second-by-second action, knowing that apart from the amusement, I am making good money to keep on living the dream.


Since I am a native of Chicago, the Bears have been my life-time team of choice. I even have some interesting collector’s articles, and when there is alot of money involved in a Bears game, I am always hoping for my team to beat the NFL football point spread.


I believe that I am so good at NFL betting because apart from the business, I am a true american football fan… Have you seen those guys with their team’s logo painted on their faces? You can count me on that group.


This post is dedicated to my old man, who taught me all I know about NFL football, which has allowed me to become the best NFL sports betting bookie that I can be…

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