A win at the final seconds of a NFL game


If you want to become a proffesional NFL football sports bettor, you need to be able to handle stress, so this story is about how a tight NFL sports game, turned out to be what I expected…


I was at my local pub watching an NFL football game the other day; the 49ers were playing the Raiders, and the NFL football point spread was clearly favoring the Niners, but by the third quarter, Oakland was leading the NFL football score by 24-12, and as usual, I had some bets on. This time I decided not to go for the NFL football point spread but for the under, and the over/under line was at 49 ½, so everything was pointing in the right direction with just one quarter left and 10 ½ points of advantage.


The only low was that 49ers quarterback Alex Smith had other plans when the Raiders were starting to celebrate their supposed NFL football victory, and the experienced quarterback was aware of his team’s necesity of winning the match to stay alive in the season, so with his team’s help, he managed to score a touchdown and with a kick, things were 24-19, then Oakland had the posesion, and went through the Niners zone, but failed to score a TD, and they missed their kick, so we were still happy about the possible outcome of the game but knowing that there were only 2 minutes left on the clock and the Niners were a team that was known in NFL sports for taking a long time to go into the rival’s scoring area, so everything was possible at the time.


With the total at 43, we knew that with a touchdown and a kick, everything would turn against us, so we were praying for good results. What happened was that the Niners did scored a touchdown, so we were winning by half NFL football point spread, and it was the turn for kicker Joey Nedney, it was truly a decisive moment… Luckily Nedney missed the kick and we won the bet, not bad at all…

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