Top Three Largest NFL Stadiums. NFL records on stadium capacity. Largest NFL stadiums.

Top Three Largest NFL Stadiums


It is well known that given the perceived advantage an NFL team gets when playing in their home stadium, particular attention is given to the details of each stadium’s environment. It is quite interesting when an NFL game is played in one of the largest stadiums in America since not only the capacity of the stadium gets involved but many other factors such as noise, surface and home team advantages. These are the top three largest NFL stadiums:


1. The FedExField Stadium in Landover, Maryland is the home of the Washington Redskins it is in fact, the largest stadium in the National Football League (NFL). The capacity of this structure is 91665 NFL fans and it was open in 1997 under the name of Jack Kent Cooke Stadium, in memory of the recently deceased Redskins owner.


2. The next impressive NFL building is located in New York and it is the Jets and Giants teams of the NFL: frequently referred to as The Meadowlands, it is in fact known as the Giants Stadium. It can hold a total of 80242 fans it also used by the Red Bulls soccer team. After opening its gates for the first time in 1976, the Giants Stadium will be closed and demolished in 2010 when the new Meadowlands Stadium opens.


3. Last but definitely not least, is the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. It is part of the Truman Sports Complex and the Kansas City Chiefs fans usually refer to it as The Red Sea. It has a 79451 sitting capacity and The Chiefs have a 104-40 home record at Arrowhead Stadium since 1990, the best in the NFL.


NFL records will mention this huge NFL homes impressive and modern structures, yet the fans will always see them as shelter for their idols.

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