NFL football history has a spot for the Mannings

The Mannings are the most famous and celebrated family in NFL football history, first Archie Manning, the father, who had a glorious 15-year NFL sports career at the NFL football league, then middle son Peyton Manning, who led the Colts to a victory on Super Bowl XLI, and the youngest one, Eli Manning, who led the Giants to their Super Bowl victory against the Patriots for New England’s only loss of the past NFL season. The only member of the Manning clan that is not currently playing professional football is Cooper, whose NFL football aspirations ended when he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis.


Archie Manning was real talented when he was an active quarterback a while ago, but sadly he got stuck on bad teams, and as a result, he finished his career without a championship ring.


From the 3 Mannings that play/ played football, the most gifted one has to be Peyton, who is currently regarded as the best quarterback in the NFL, even above Tom Brady, but Eli doesn’t stay behind: he, just like his brother, has a championship ring, that cleared most of the doubts from critics that were constantly on his back criticizing his way of playing. No need to say that he was under his brother’s shadow before winning the most important NFL football game, the Super Bowl.


And so this coming NFL pro football season, there will surely be a competition between the Peyton and Eli, a run to decide who is in better shape, and who deserves the glory more than the other…

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