Who is the Worst NFL Player?

With the NFL Season almost knocking on our doors, the fans cannot help but wonder about the history of the football game, highlights in the history of NFL, records and what not. As any other fan, I have been wandering and pondering around the subject for a few days now when it hit me: Who is the worst NFL player? It can be someone who played a bad game because of an injury (that also made me think of worst NFL injuries), or someone who was just drafted since they are new and still need to get used to the excitement of playing for the National Football League.


After doing a small research and investigation including some online polls and sports forums I came up with a very fair  response to the question, and as sad as it sounds people are very firmed about declaring their disgust with the players performance, attitude and overall image. NFL fans mainly agree that the worst NFL player is: Ryan Leaf.


Ryan Leaf: Is a former quarterback, played for the NFL between 1998 and 2002 for great teams such as the San Diego Chargers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys. On the 1998 NFL Draft Manning and Leaf were considered the two best overall players in the draft. His time with the Chargers was nothing but a huge disappointment: terrible performance and awful relations with the media in general. Later The Buccaneers thought that since he had such good athletic condition, they might be able to train him better, sort of speak and claimed him yet a previous wrist injury would not let him perform properly, he refused to have surgery and finally left the Buccaneers; Leaf was signed by the Dallas Cowboys a few weeks later but again failed to perform.


Some other NFL players came very close to win this spot, do you agree with the final result of my investigation?

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