NFL football championship history – from AFL to Super Bowl

The NFL has switched the way of determining the NFL football league champion a few times, as from 1920 to 1932 the winner was chosen considering a win-loss percentage, with game ties being omitted, then on 1932 due to a numbers-tie, NFL football had its first playoff NFL football game.


On 1933 the league was splitted in 2 Divisions (renamed as Conferences in 1949), and from there, the winner of each Division would play against the other to determine the League’s champion for the NFL


Each of the two Conferences would be splitted in two Divisions of  four teams each, and each winner of each Division inside each Conference would go against the other to then meet the winner of the other Conference, in order to determine the winner of the Championship.


On 1966 began a new era, as the NFL football champion would go against the champion of the now-defunct AFL, in what would become the Super Bowl.


So by 1970 both football leagues merged and the Super Bowl has served as the way to determine the NFL Champion since then….


Interesting! Don’t you think?


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